Can I shop for title insurance?

YES, and we hope you do.  We are confident that if you shop around for title insurance and closing services, you'll pick The Closing Specialists.

Here at The Closing Specialists we have transparency in pricing and have carefully crafted our services to give you plenty of choice.

If all you need is title insurance and closing, that's all included in the title insurance premium.   You can use the purchase or refinance calculators in the privacy of your home to figure the premium.

If you need something extra, you can easily see our a la carte menu of extra products and services.

We do closings 8 to 8 Monday thru Friday and 10 to 5 on Saturday.  That's pretty darn convenient, eh?

So, what else do you shop for when you shop for title insurance?  

How about quality of service.  When you choose The Closing Specialists you work with a team of experienced title professionals AND we answer the phone

We are HUMAN and we are ON SHORE in the USA.  Sounds like an odd way to sell ourselves but did you know that lots of title insurance nowadays is backed by an automated search with the typing done in a far away land?

We do our own closings and we PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY.  We understand privacy laws and we guard your private information.  At The Closing Specialists we would NEVER hand your private financial documents to a non-employee.  The closer who sits at the table with you to review your private transaction is an experienced member of our staff and is fully covered by our insurance and bonding.

We GIVE YOU INFORMATION so you can make intelligent decisions and be an informed consumer before you go to closing.  At The Closing Specialists, we send you a copy of the title insurance commitment as soon as it is issued.  If you want to review a document you see referenced, we get that document to you so you can take the time to read it before you get to closing.

We work for YOU.